Friday, August 6, 2010


HEALING HOPE MINISTRIES is a unique ministry designed to help Christians, especially the 20-30 age group, identify and break free from the bondage of incorrect religious and "biblical" teachings, that hold a person back from spiritual maturity and moving ahead successfully in life.

Each person has grown up with a particular set of beliefs. Some of these beliefs have been caused by incorrect biblical teaching. These beliefs can become so engrained in a person's subconscious that they are not even aware of how that belief is affecting their life in a negative way.

Even though this ministry can apply to any age, it is particularly focused on younger people between the ages of 20-30, give or take several years. This is the time when incorrect beliefs which a person has developed over the last 18-20 years, will begin to be manifested in the real world of marriage and family, vocation, success, God's will, spiritual walk, and virtually every area of life. This is also the age at which people will find out whether or not all of the beliefs that they have grown up with, are bringing positive results in their lives, or are they on a downhill slide? The negative results of wrong beliefs sometimes do not surface until later in life, and in more overt and serious forms. These beliefs and their outward manifestations are often hidden from people, especially when they attend church and act and talk like everything is fine. This is why the motto of this ministry is: Helping Heal Hidden Hurts.

What makes Healing Hope Ministries unique from all other healing and recovery ministries, is that it focuses on helping people in this age group evaluate and examine their lives, to see if it is moving in a positive direction in every area. If it is not, hopefully, the wrong belief from the past will be identified and corrected, so that the individual can move forward in spiritual maturity and success in life. This is done through writing, speaking and mentoring.