Sunday, April 11, 2010


There are 12 areas that young Christians in this age group may find helpful when it comes to evaluating how their lives are progressing, in terms of both spiritual walk and overall success in life and relationships. They are not in any particular order. In each of these life assessment areas, there is wrong church or biblical teachings, that have caused people's lives to not progress and mature in the way that God has intended. I can speak on each or all of these 12 areas, giving examples of wrong teachings, and providing questions for self-evaluation. Here are the 12 areas:

1. Success and goal setting.
2. Money and giving.
3. Healing and forgiveness.
4. Marriage and family.
5. God's will and calling.
6. Self-esteem.
7. Emotional baggage.
8. Biblical interpretation.
9. Church attendance.
10. Life purpose and passion.
11. Lordship and discipleship.
12. Know what you believe and why you believe it.

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